Benefits of PBIS Africa

The implementation of PBIS Africa benefits schools in the following ways:

Learners are taught how to:

  • Build intentional, positive relationships with others
  • Understand and express their feelings positively
  • Deal better with anger and frustration
  • Accept responsibility for their own behaviour
  • Listen and follow instructions
  • Empathise with the feelings of others
  • Create a bully-free environment
  • Seek attention in an appropriate manner
  • Internalize and follow school-wide behavioural expectations

Parents learn how to:

  • Reinforce school-wide values and positive behaviours at home
  • Get a clear idea of what their children are learning and doing in the school
  • Promote high standards for their child's school work
  • Gain skills to help their child at home
  • Understand what good teaching looks like
  • Discuss with teachers how to improve their child's academic and behavioural progress
  • Create a home environment that encourages learning
  • Become involved in your children’s education at school and in the community
  • Communicate with other parents and serve as a school volunteer on the SGB

Teachers learn how to:

  • Teach school-wide behavioural expectations
  • Increase learning through a reduction of problem behaviour
  • Use words to provide positive reinforcements
  • Use three tiered process to respond to challenging behaviour
  • Use common language and clearly defined behavioural expectations for both learners and staff
  • Use data-based decision making that improves communication with learners and parents
  • Arrange to use parent/guardian and community volunteers in your classroom. Recruit widely so that all families know their contributions are welcome. Provide training, and match time and talent with the work to be done
  • Communicate with parents/guardians at the beginning of each year to identify talents, times and locations of volunteers
  • Engage parents' perspective on their child's abilities and progress. They know their own child in a different setting than you do

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