What is PBIS Africa?

PBIS AFRICA™ is a research based school management programme designed to improve behavioural outcomes of learners in every grade. The primary goal is to prevent the development of inappropriate behaviour, reduce ongoing patterns of problem behaviour and improve academic performance of all learners. Clearly defined behavioural expectations are taught to learners everyday based on the following core values: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Healthy.

Be Safe

Promotes secure, bully-free school and home environment

Be Respectful

Encourages courtesy and kindness towards others

Be Responsible

Promotes personal excellence and good citizenship

Be Healthy

Encourages good personal hygiene and eating nutritious food

The above easy-to-grasp values are consistently taught, modelled, practiced and reinforced by teachers and parents. This collaboration between teachers and parents encourages and supports positive learner behaviour at school and home.

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