What we offer

We offer training, consulting and technical assistance to schools. Our offerings are designed to address the specific needs of teachers, learners and parents/guardians.

Workshops for parents/guardians

Parents/Guardians are provided with opportunities to participate in workshops designed to help them developed the skills needed to effectively support their children's education and school experience.

School-wide support for learners

Learners are taught how to take responsibility for their feelings and thoughts as well as their behaviour to succeed at school, home and their communities.

Professional development for teachers

Teachers are provided with opportunities to participate in trainings designed to assist them in developing structures for teaching expected behaviours and social skills, creating learner behavioural and academic support systems, and applying data-based decision-making to discipline, academics and social/emotional learning.

Community Gardens

PBIS Africa encourages schools to engage learners and parents in growing their own vegetable gardens as a way of promoting our core values and showing families how to apply them at home and in their communities.

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